Carpet Protection

Red Dye StainEvery day we walk in and out of our homes tracking dirt, mud, and grease on to our carpets.

By doing this on a recurring schedule, you prematurely wear down the carpets protection application from the manufacturer!

It is even said that because we use hot water extraction and agitation for carpet cleaning, you should at least have your carpets re-protected once a year.

Getting permanent stains in your carpet? Call and get your carpets protected today!

At Steam Dryers we use DuPont Carpet Sealant

Help stop those stubborn traffic areas from occurring or those color drinks like kool-aid or wine from permanently staining your carpets. With our DuPont protection application you are able to get most stains out with just soap and water!


  1. Puts an invisible layer of protection between carpets and you, repelling and protecting your carpets from dirt and liquid spills.
  2. Prolongs the life of the carpet helping you save money on repairs or replacing your carpet in the future.
  3. Helps stops carpets from damaging and heavy traffic areas from forming!
  4. 100% eco friendly
  5. Carpets are easier to clean next time around ensuring no new permanent stains!

Your carpet was chosen with careful thought and is a large investment for your home. Cleaning your carpet is very important for your health: by removing environmental pollutants such as smoke, smog, nicotine, exhaust fumes, and soil, which will make your carpet wear much faster.

Dupont TeflonProtecting your carpet with Dupont Teflon coating protects your investment and extends the life of your carpet and furnishings.

Dupont Teflon coats your carpet with a protective layer that reduces penetration and adhesion in four important ways:

DRY SOIL – Soil is an abrasive material and will damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear which will create a dingy appearance. Dupont Teflon allows for easier removal of soil in Vacuuming and future cleanings, therefore makes your carpet last longer.

ACID DYES – Children’s drinks and other foods can attach permanently to carpet fibers, creating stains that are difficult or impossible to remove. Dupont Teflon helps to reduce this risk, and makes removal easier.

LIQUID SPILLS – Coffee, tea, and soda can permanently stain your carpet. Dupont Teflon reduces penetration of these spills and allows the homeowner more time to spot clean.

OTHER SOILS – Grease, tar, oil, etc. tracked in from kitchens, garages, and driveways will do serious damage to your carpet fibers. Dupont Teflon drastically reduces the likelihood of permanent damage.