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Carpet Repair & Restretching

Carpet Stretching at it’s best should be done with these tools: Power Stretcher, Carpet Kicker, Carpet Tucker, Carpet Scissors, Seam Iron, Seam Roller, Seam Tape and Carpet Razor.

Carpet Stretching

Many times we look at our carpets over the years and decide on maybe replacing them due to burns, holes, tears, rips, humps, ripples, ect…

These are common problems with carpets due to wear and tear, and can often be Repaired, instead or Replaced!

Many of these problems can be repaired and save you money on costly carpet replacement!

Sometimes it’s as simple as doing a Carpet Stretch, a Carpet Patching, or Repairing a Carpet Seam.

Trained Repair Technicians

IICRC CertifiedAll of our technicians are trained to identify and perform these carpet repairs to satisfy and address your concerns!

So before you go spend a mountain of money on new carpet, ask our Technicians if there are any types of carpet repairs to fix the problem. And in a uprising economy, a penny saved is a penny earned!

Do you need Carpet Stretching? Over a period of time, walking on or, better yet, living on your carpets, buckles may start to appear.

These usually can be identified as wrinkles or humps in your carpets. A lot of times this can be caused from just poor installation, but other times your carpet expands and contracts over the years in the heat and cold weather.


This causes it to lose its density in certain places and loosen.

We know how annoying those buckles make your house look when throwing gatherings and inviting people to your house.

Fortunately at Steam Dryer’s, we are able to provide Professional and maximum Carpet Stretching with our Power Stretchers.

Bring back that tight look and feel to your carpets.

Pet Related Carpet Repairs

Urine Stained CarpetAs much as we all love them, Pets can become a hazard to your homes carpet!

If you own a pet, surely you have seen what they can do to your carpets. Cats and dogs have a tendency to paw up your carpets or urinate in a certain spots of the room.

At times this can be repaired with a good cleaning, proper Bacterial Disinfectant and Enzymes.

Others your method of fixing this is to patch the infected area or seam your carpet with fresh remnant to restore the original look.

Hot Iron, Cigarette, Fireplace and other sources may permanently mark your carpets, a proper carpet patch is often your best solution!

Other Carpet Repairs:

  • Carpet Patch
  • Coal Burns
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Iron Burns
  • Bleach Stains
  • Dye Stains
  • Ink Stains
  • Broken Seams
  • Hot Wax on Carpet
  • Furniture Marks
  • Pet Stains
  • Carpet Fray
  • Carpet Ripples
  • Stair Ripples
  • Worn Out Carpet Areas
  • Old Unraveling Seams

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Carpet Repair ToolThere are many companies advertising carpet stretching, using only a kicker. These methods often result in  kicking your carpet ripples out, only to have them reappear within the next few months.

There’s a lot that goes on when stretching carpets.

It takes time and skill to properly stretch your carpets to the maximum possible level without damaging them.

Our technicians are trained and equipped with the right tools to do the job no matter how big or small.