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Commercial Flooring

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Carpet Cleaning:

Your business endures heavy soiling and wear everyday causing worn out areas and a dull dingy look to your carpets. Our new dual cleaning technique will clean as well as dry fast to have your business back up and running in minimum time. Call or Click Here today and setup an appointment at your convenience!

Carpet Repairs:

Through the course of time, damage can occur to your businesses carpets. Many different types of damage can be repaired. Call or Click Here today if you see any areas or have any questions on what type of repairs that can be performed to help.

Tile Cleaning:

If your tile and grout lines are looking a little dull, call Steam Dryers to come and restore that shine and professional look back to your business. We offer professional tile cleaning and resealing for the care of your floors.

Air Duct Cleaning:

It is a true fact that the air we breathe inside is sometimes worst than the air outside! Call us to come and clean your HVAC system and start living and breathing better in your place of business.

Upholstery Cleaning:

We are able to clean your furniture on your show room floor, or even the couch in your office. We take pride in our upholstery cleaning and understand the different types of fabrics when cleaning. Call or Click Heretoday and schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Us?

License Bonded and Insured: Know that your business is in good hands when you use our services.

Friendly Staff and Convenient Scheduling: Call or Click Here and schedule your appointment today, our friendly staff will answer your questions and help to schedule your appointment around your time.


Going Green to Save Our Planet: Save on your planets water by using Steam Dryers. In a time where our resources are scarce, we have developed a technique that will give you max cleaning and the use of minimal water!