Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my carpets? 
While some companies advertize full on year warranties, you only really need to clean your carpets twice year . Anything more than that could potentially damage your carpets.
I have some old area rugs in the garage, can you clean these while you are here doing my carpets?
Yes we can. All of our techs are equipped with the tools to clean your area rugs or oriental rugs on site!
How long does it take to dry if I use your steam dryers service?
With our Steam Dryers service, you get thorough fiber agitation, and a full hot water extraction. Following that is our pre dry application to where we clean your carpets a third time and extract even more water from your carpets. You can expect dry times around 3 to 4 hrs! As you know that is a big increase from all day or even sometimes days!
I dropped an iron on the bedroom floor and burnt a hole in it and also my carpets have those humps in it. I think it needs stretching. Do you do these types of services repairs at Steam Dryers?
Do we ever! Our repair team has repaired carpets over the last 15 years! Enough time to master and hone those skills to bring you exceptional carpet repair service. Whether you need carpets stretching, patching or repair, we can help you save on costly carpet replacing!
There are so many ways to clean carpets. Which one is the best?
Not trying to tute my own horn here but our! Many people go to dry cleaning because they know their carpets will dry within an hour. I’ve heard it many times in this business. But people know or at least most know that extraction is the more efficient cleaning process out there. It’s just the dry time that makes them think twice before getting it. We have developed a way to give you a three stage cleaning and full hot water extraction with dry times within a few hours! So yes given all the pros of our services, I would have to say our service is the best!
I have heavy traffic areas in my house. Will they come clean with your service?
Clean yes, undamaged no! Unfortunately once heavy traffic stains occur, fibers in your carpets tear from dirt. This can often give off an appearance as a gray haze over the traffic area. Since these fibers can’t be repaired, that haze becomes permanent! Often these areas can be cleaned to where there is just a slight difference in color of the carpets. But you can protect them with our DuPont Teflon carpet protection services to help stop any further damage and resoiling.
My carpets have a scotch guard on them from the factory. I bought these carpets 7 years ago, do I need to Teflon protect my carpets?
As manufacturers have warranties on their carpets, most are limited to our lifestyles today and new cleaning process. This usually breaks down the coating a lot faster than normal. If you haven’t had your carpets protected and they are over 5 years old I would definitely have protected and then have it reapplied once every 3 carpet cleanings.
I have to be back at work in the afternoons, and can only get my carpets cleaned in the morning. What is the earliest time you can start and the time frame that jobs are set?
For the most part, jobs start at 9 and usually a 2 hour window is given to allow the tech to get there. But if the customer request it we can start as early as eight o’clock in the morning for those of you with busy schedules.
How does your cleaning process work on Berber Carpets, and how long does it take to dry?
Our commercial carpet cleaning process works very well on Berber Carpets! We use our commercial dry cleaning process and techniques to efficiently clean and extract your carpets. You can usually expect a dry time of 30 to 45 minutes!
Is your cleaning process eco friendly and safe?
Yes we use ph balanced solutions being just effective to fight your stains and healthy enough for your family and pets.
What if I refer someone, do I get some type of discount or something?
In fact yes, you do get a discount. When you refer 2 customers to Steam Dryers you will receive 35 dollars off your next service. This can also be used as a credit on most of our services!
I am thinking about using a few of your services. Do I get a discount for using more than one of your services?
Many of our customers get more than one service at a time. We reward discounts for customers purchasing more than one service, helping you save.