Tile & Grout Cleaning and Protection

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Revive Your Tile Floors

Our tile floors bring so much texture and depth to our homes. Unfortunately everyday events like Foot traffic, Spills, Improper Cleaning Methods and Cleaning Products can cause your floor to look very unattractive fairly quickly!

It is recommended that you clean your tile floors once a year to stop from stain soiling in the grout lines.

These are known as those dark stains that remain after you have cleaned your floors. With Steam Dryers high psi systems and thorough but gentle scrubbing heads, not efficiently cleaning tile floors are a thing of the past.

After agitation, our large vac systems extract dirt, grease, and debris from your tile floors and grout lines. Do not be fooled by manual do it yourself companies who come to your house with only hand tile brush and solution. The dirt and grease on your tile needs high psi pressure to break up stubborn stains that ordinary hand brushes just cannot do.

Tile & Grout Restoration

Have your floors looking brighter and cleaner with our Tile Cleaning Services.

Our Steps

  1. Pre Spray: Tech will apply an applicant to your floors that dissolves and breaks down grease and dirt on the surface and grout lines.
  2. Soak: 15 to 20 minute wait is needed to allow solution to presoak for deep penetration.Agitation and
  3. Extraction: High PSI and agitation blast away dirt from your tile and grout lines. Our 3-Stage Vacuum System extracts the left over dirt, water, and extra solution leaving your tile sparkling and your grout lines clean.
  4. Tile & Grout Sealant: Please be sure to ask about our tile and grout sealant for extra protection on your tile floors!
  5. The Benefits: Helps extend the life of your grout lines for years to come. Stops heavy resoiling to your tile and grout lines and makes the tile much easier to clean. Repels and protects your floors from dyes, polyester resins, epoxy resins, oil, grease, water, etc…Give your tile floors a new and vibrant look!