Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Pet Stains & Odor RemovalThey bark, howl, run, scratch, tear, and urinate in our houses.

We still love them just as much as family!

Our lives and schedules are busy, leaving most of our pets at home alone.

This is a problem, because most dogs or cats get separation anxiety when we leave or they are home alone for long periods of time.

Unfortunately for you, this means a smelly house and large health hazarding urine and feces patches. Most people clean up by taking a towel and blotting then scrubbing the area. Because we didn’t get to it in time, most of the urine seeps through the carpet and then goes into the padding!

That patch then dries and becomes a stain on top. If not professionally treated in time, the stain and odor could become permanent! Steam Dryers has developed a process that is the Most Efficient Pet Treatment in the Industry.

Before Steam Dryers

Urine Stained Carpet

After Steam Dryers

After Steam Dryers Pet Treatment

Sub Floor Extraction

Most Pet Treatments involve adding enzyme solutions to your carpets at the infected area.

This is correct but just adding enzymes to the carpet won’t do the trick.

Some techniques involve doing enzyme injections for the urine infected padding underneath the carpet. This may sound promising, but the injectors can’t possibly inject enough enzymes to efficiently break down the urine in the infected areas.

What ordinarily happens is that your house ends up smelling worse because the urine in the sub floor has been re-activated or disturbed by liquid solutions.

Now how many of you can raise your hands and say that’s happened to you?

At Steam Dryers Carpet Cleaning we use the most effective pet treatment in the industry. Sub Floor Extraction provides an exit for all those enzyme solutions and urine left in your carpets and sub floor.

Extracting urine from your carpets is truly the only way to professionally do Pet Treatments.

You would be surprised to know that we can sometimes extract gallons of urine out of your carpets! Once it’s out of your carpets, it out forever.

The Benefits of Subfloor Extraction

Urine and Enzyme solutions are extracted from your carpets providing safe, clean, and sanitary carpets for you and your family

Odors that are caused from urine are removed from your house.

Better chance to stop recurring accidents with the urine extracted, leaving less in your carpets for your pet to smell

The proof is in the pudding and of course, seeing is believing.

Have a look at our video of Sub Floor Extraction for Pet Treatment

Our Steps

  1. Our techs will first start by rinsing the infected area with our enzymatic wash and stain treatment prespray!
  2. Because the urine is in the padding, injections of our enzymatic wash is applied around the perimeter of the stain into the padding.
  3. The technician will allow 10 to 15 minutes dwell time for the enzymes to soak and break down feces.
  4. Another stain and shampoo pre-spray is applied on top of stain preparing it for fiber agitation.
  5. Stains are then agitated with our roto scrub process, working the enzymes into the carpet.
  6. After pre-spraying and fiber agitation, the carpets are prepared for hot water extraction. 212 degree water is flushed through your carpets, rinsing then extracting while removing the pet stains from your carpets!
  7. Our 3 stage vacuum system is hooked up to our Water Claw and is placed over the once infected area to extract all of the left over urine, water, debris, and cleaning solution from your padding and carpets. This stops rewicking and odors from ever recurring.